Am I late to the growth hacking party?

A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.  Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth – Sean Ellis, Qualaroo &

Sean Ellis said that back in 2010. 4 years on, it’s still a growing principle, with significant traction if the community’s growth is anything to go by.

In Lincoln Murphy’s manifesto, he pontificates on people using ‘growth hacking’ as linkbait to talk about digital marketing principles like SEO and copywriting. For the most part I agree that the term packs a buzzword punch. Probably not as hard as I would like yet though.

Growth hacking keyword research

I think the approach to marketing that a growth hacker takes is something that all industry’s should adopt. In order for that to occur, it as a buzzword helps proliferate that. Whether it is a traditional brick and mortar or a technology startup, the idea that everything you do & measure is for growth can be wholly beneficial for all businesses in some shape or form. The danger is that, the principles behind it are not lost when a blogger discusses using SEO or copywriting.

Furthermore, here in London, the technology scene is growing. Job ads for growth hackers/ customer acquisition staff are beginning to show. However when I drop by the Google Campus here and overhear conversations with entrepreneurs here, you rarely hear any of the buzzwords I’ve come to associate with early stage marketing/growth hacking where it would be appropriate.

T shape for a growth hacker

For the past couple of months I’ve been fixated on the concept, particularly the technical approach to marketing i.e. using analytical, statistical, photoshop & wireframing, etc skills in order to drive growth. It consists of a hybrid of skills that promotes a logical approach to achieving creativity. I’m famaliar with the concept of shaping yourself like a T from studying Valve at University, but Brian Balfour shared one central to a customer acquisition expert’s skill set.

Shape yourself like a T

As I’m just starting out, I probably won’t go deep on PPC or SEO. They are old techniques which whilst important and is how I got started in digital marketing; I’m interested to swim down one of the new channels. Who knows where wearables, or augmented reality will go, but they may just present new apps or platforms for us to find stable growth. Either way I’m still yet to choose and this website is here to help me do that.

Hi, I’m Jovan and I’m here to Hack Growth (@cyberrec)

I’m viewing this website as my humble abode. Somewhere on the web where I can experiment with any new technical skill I pick up. Currently my learning consists of SEO, web development (HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript), web scraping ( and analytics (google analytics & excel modeling) with small dips in the vector graphics pool (inkscape) to make infographics mainly. I’ve been fortunate to be able to use some of these skills with a few companies already and here is where I can write any case study of what I’ve done. That way not only I learn, but I hope what I document here benefits any readers. Particularly those here in London, where the growth hacking concept is only just starting to catch on.

Some of the furnitures of this site may change. Navigations, colours, headlines, and functionalities etc. are susceptible to modification. Here is where I will document what, how and why I made those variations. I’m aiming for this site to achieve the online version of feng shui. Whatever that is but I’m sure the numbers will tell me. So as the internet morphs and changes due to its dynamic nature, let’s raise our glasses to growth hacking.


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